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About this portal

  • This portal allows NSV Clearance application forms to be submitted electronically by Vetting Subjects.
  • This portal can be used by Sponsors to initiate the vetting process.

Applying for NSV

How do I know who my sponsor is?
If you are employed by a List X company working on defence contracts contact your company Security Controller. If you work for a government department contact the Security Vetting administrator for your department. If you are a serving member of the Armed Services contact the Service Lead Command (SLC). MOD Civilian staff should contact DBS Civ HR.
I am having difficulty completing the online security questionnaire
If a page does not display the green tick to confirm that a page is complete use the “Check for errors” function in the bottom left of the form. This provides automated guidance on information that may be missing.
I have added my details to the HM Forces/Government Employment section but it does not show as complete.
The HM Forces section will not validate until the Supervisor section has been completed with a minimum of 5 years coverage (up to the current month) and with no breaks between each Supervisor.
What does “Awaiting Sponsor Actions” mean?
This means that your Sponsor has not submitted their completed part of the questionnaire.
Please note:
From the date and time it was created; Vetting Subjects and Sponsors have 63 days to complete their section of an application. If the application is not completed within this timeframe it will automatically be cancelled and a new application will be required.
If the application has not been completed after 42 days, the Sponsor will receive an email explaining that the application remains incomplete and a further 21 days remain before it is cancelled.

Forgotten your Username

The application will lock you out after 5 attempts to log-in with an incorrect Username. If you have forgotten your Username you must contact your Sponsor with a request to unlock the application.

Select the ‘Forgotten your username?’ link and this will take you to a ‘Recover Username’ screen. Here you will be asked to enter 3 pieces of information to identify you as the valid applicant.

The email address required is the same address that the activation email was sent to and must be entered in lower case only.

Forgotten your Password

The application will lock you out after 5 attempts to log-in with an incorrect Password. If you have forgotten your Password you must contact your Sponsor with a request to unlock the application.

When the application has been unlocked, select the ‘Forgotten your password?’ link. This will take you to the ‘Recover password’ screen where you will be asked to enter your Username. A password recovery link will be sent to the email address used by your Sponsor when the application was created.

Please note:
When an application is locked, the Password recovery process will not work until your Sponsor has unlocked the application for you.


What should I do if...

The Subject states that they cannot access the portal and they see a message stating “This account has been locked”.
Check that the Subject has created a password during the activation process and remind them that this is essential.
Confirm that the applicant is not entering spaces with their username and password at login.
Use the “unlock” function in the “Details” section of the Sponsor’s view of the application.
The Subject informs me that Cerberus will not allow them to register.
The verification data used to create the account will need to be confirmed with the Subject. If the verification details have been entered incorrectly when creating the application, they can be altered using the “Modify Details” link in the “Details” section of the Sponsor view. If the details are correct and Cerberus will still not allow the Subject to register, contact the DBS NSV Helpdesk for assistance.
I need to check the progress of a case.
Log on to your account. You will see a list of Subjects that you have sponsored for NSV. The person’s status will be recorded with their details when you access their case.
What does “Awaiting Subject Actions” mean?
This means that the Subject has not submitted their completed part of the questionnaire.

Application Status Information (ASI) and Vetting Status Information (VSI)

  • Sponsors can use the e-Form portal to view the status of cases they have created.
  • Vetting Status Information (VSI) can be accessed by Sponsors with access to the RLI/GSI portal.
  • Some Cerberus account holders will have access to the VSI function only and will be unable to create vetting applications via the portal.
  • If you require a Sponsor account to submit NSV applications please see the DBS NSV website for the registration form and guidance notes.


NSV need to know if your personal information, like phone number, names, email etc, changes as any correspondence will automatically be sent to the addresses held on the DBS Case Management System (Cerberus). Cerberus will inform applicants to contact Sponsors using the listed phone numbers.

If you require additional information please view our online guidance or contact the DBS NSV Helpdesk.


Civilian: 01904 662644
Military: 94777 2644

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